A Truly Amazing List Of Books…

I hope and pray that there are other book lovers similar to me out there in this world!!!  I fear my lists of books.  I love them.  I hate them.  I desire them.  What is wrong with me?  I am reading constantly and I am always buying books and preordering books and yearning for books.  Is this normal?  I fear I have a huge problem…one with no name and alas…no known cure.  I thought perhaps my Kindle would cure me…but I think that owning a Kindle has only made it worse…do you know how many books you can store on a Kindle?  I think literally millions and millions.  I have this idea in my head that I have to always order Kindle books in sets of two.  So…if I buy two books and then a preordered one appears…I have to buy another one…OMG…I am scaring myself now…I have two Kindle wishlists and one of them holds 432 books…the other 45…yikes!!!  And I am still envious of all the bloggers who went to NYC and came back with tons of books.  Even though I already own lots of them.   It is a hot lazy Saturday on the East Coast…I am reading and writing this while I listen to the maddening hum of the soccer game in the background…my husband just told me that sound is something the fans are waving…but it sounds like lots and lots and lots of bees.  Annoying.  The point of this post was to share yet one more incredible list that was posted on Book Reporter.com.  It is a list of recently published and soon to be published books that extends throughout the year.  It is lovely…desirous…and dangerous.  Just click on this…BOOKS COMING SOON  for a truly comprehensive list.  But proceed with caution and hide your AmEx card…from yourself.

7 thoughts on “A Truly Amazing List Of Books…

  1. Vatche says:

    Actually, there is a name for it. It is called being a bibliophile, or lover of books. I think all writers are guilty of this sensation. I can't just buy one book either. I usually buy two or even ten. I don't buy one book by an author but as much as I can, because I know I'll enjoy his/her works.

    I have a bigger Amazon wishlist then yours, too…which contains 500 books and that doesn't include the thousands of manga I want to read, as well. I'm just not satisfied. I want to go on every adventure possible, expand my knowledge, and be entertained.I'm not sick in the head, I just need entertainment really, since I don't watch TV anymore.

    Anyway, interesting post, Patty.

    Write and read on!


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