This Award Warms My Book Loving Blog Writing Heart!!!

This is just a thank you to Joanne for thinking of me.  This blog award comes
with quite a few things to do…so please bear with me…and here I go…
I have to share 7 lovely things about myself.  Here they are.
I taught 2nd grade for 24.61 years…the .61 was the hardest part.
Everyone who knows me thinks I am creative and just a bit quirky.
I love clothes…buying them, finding them, wearing them.  I am obsessed with clothing.
I am a total perfectionist.
I read while I watch tv…I am an amazing multitasker.
I am a closet sketcher.
I am an obsessive list maker and am only truly happy when my list is fulfilled…daily.
Here are some of the blogs that I love to follow even if I don’t comment every day…
Sandy Shin @

 Michelle @
Kathy @
Velvet @
Sheila @
Susan @
Dark Wolf @ http://darkwolfsfantasyreviews.blogspot/
Patty @
Sandy @

Vatche’s blog is another blog that I love to explore.  His thoughts are unique.  His thoughts are explosive.  His words are strong.  He makes me examine my world more closely.

10 thoughts on “This Award Warms My Book Loving Blog Writing Heart!!!

  1. June says:

    You are truly a versatile blogger Patty. This award describes you perfectly. Thanks for passing it to me. I can only hope to live up to your fine tradition.


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