Yesterday was a most wonderful day.   We had tickets to see Cavalia.  It was out of our norm…we love plays and concerts but this was a bit of a stretch for us…but it was wonderful.  It is a production where horses are the stars.   The most incredible thing is that the horses are not doing anything that a horse would normally do.  The horses are trained but in a very unusual way.   It was beautiful, breathtaking, heart wrenching, exciting, magical, mystical and haunting.   There was one breathtaking moment when the most beautiful horse just walked out to the center alone.  Then he was followed by another horse and another and another…until there were 8 massive beautiful horses playing and jumping and nipping and finally a lovely lady came out and they moved to her and kissed and pranced and then performed…it was delightful.   It is sort of a combination of beautiful music and acrobatics and horses…I know…sounds odd…but horses that were so beautiful people were in tears.   The end of the performance was the most memorable…two young rescued colts just walked into the arena alone…and just watched us as we filed out.  I will never forget Cavalia. 

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