Tuesday…I Am Taking The Day Off…

Getting to Cavalia and back in this horrible heat was draining, yesterday was hectic and today is my off day…I am relaxing and chillaxing…although I have already made a banana bread, fed all of the outside birds…including ducks…put Lucy in her kitty tent on the deck and sat with her for an hour, done all of the towel and sheet laundry, and tidied the entire house including all bathrooms…why did I ever quit my job…I did less when I worked…well…rather…I did less work within our home when I was teaching.  Oh well…plus yesterday was a trip to Trader Joe’s for groceries and supplies…I am now reading all of my online catalogues…and I love this dresser from Anthropologie…I know…it looks unusual but very cool…I love stuff like this…I want it for my back hallway…as you walk in the door…perfect for odds and ends of things…keys, hats, gloves and more!!!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday…I Am Taking The Day Off…

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