Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Clever… clever…uniquely clever…this book is such a surprise. Imagine being a vampire and wishing to be human. Imagine living on this earth for hundreds of years as a murdering killing machine. Imagine someone…another vampire…loving you so much that he will do anything for you even if that means making you human and dying himself. Thus, we have Rhode…I love these vampire names…and Lenah.

Their love shall never die until Lenah becomes human and Rhode dies because he cast a spell that made her human. Rhode and their lovely vampire life crumble away to dust…literally. Lenah then wears him in a vial on a chain around her neck…sort of like sparkly pixie dust. Enter Wickham School…the 21st century , human Lenah and a bevy of 16 year olds…yeehaw…the fun is about to begin.

What is fascinating about this book are the details about Lenah’s life when she was a vampire. This was hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago. We learn how she was made into a vampire who killed mercilessly and arranged around herself a mighty coven of vampire guys…one of whom was also the love of her life…Vicken. These episodes are not really flashbacks but rather prior life stories. Her room at Wickham School is surrounded with photos and momentos…chotchkies…if you will…of her life as a vampire. Although Lenah is totally human, she still retains a few vampire skills. These will eventually leave her but right now they are still there. There is one flaw…and it is a huge one…in this new life that Lenah is learning to love her coven…her gang…will come to find her…and this is where the real story begins.

This is also the most eventful and exciting part of Infinite Days. It is beautifully written and different from other books in this genre. It is quite interesting to see Lenah experience her new 16 year old life. She has never been in the sun, or really eaten; she can speak 25 languages and tests out into all AP courses and is left with tons of cash and a car that she does not know how to drive. Rhode has quite simply thought of everything. Almost…

Lenah has about 54 days of chilled out human living left until her coven will go to the ends of the earth to find her…this is where the fun begins…and this is why you must read this book…

One more thing…there has to be a sequel…seriously. It was similar to reading Shiver…when Linger was not around yet. I am emailing the author now just to make sure that she is busy writing.

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