Everybody Is Talking About…

I have been seeing hype about this book pop up every where…Booklist says that this book…

“Captures the intimate truths and hypocrisies of class, identity, and one man’s quintessential American experience.”

Of course…I had to add it to my huge pile of must read books

Another book that is getting lots of hype is Stiltsville by Susanne Daniel.  It has been described as a “bittersweet story of a marriage that spans three decades” …I love this kind of a book!!!   It is already on my Kindle and ready for a lazy summer afternoon.

This Sunday’s New York Times Book Magazine also really seemed to love the debut novel “The Quickening”  by Michelle Hoover.  I just bought this one also…it looks wonderfully enticing and is described by The Boston Globe as “a finely-crafted debut novel…vivid, fascinating…the novel grows richer with each page”…and the covers of Stiltsville and The Quickening are just so lovely.  Why is the cover of a book so meaningful?

Will you add these to your list of must read books this year?

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