Grown Up Ladies And YA Books…

There was such a great article in the NYT Sunday about the total fascination that “older” women have with YA books…I loved the article!!!  It seemed to say that this is a good thing…that there is something that is fresher and more hopeful in a YA book and that is appealing to lots of us…here is a link to the article.

6 thoughts on “Grown Up Ladies And YA Books…

  1. Stina Lindenblatt says:

    My 17 yo niece hasn't read The Hunger Games yet, but it is on her list. I think she owns it though . . . among her 200 + other books. 😉

    She's visiting this week. Let's just say we've had tons of fun hitting the bookstores. Where she lives (in Canada), they have to pay 15% sales tax!!!!


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