Are My Mom & Dad Dancing In Heaven?

I know…I am reduced to a child wailing her eyes out when confronted with events in the life of my parents…this Tuesday would have been their 63rd wedding anniversary.  They spent most of their life…almost all of it…happy and well and in the house that my dad grew up in…the high school I attended was the same one my father attended.  I walked the same streets and went to some of the same events my dad did.  I grew up in the house my dad grew up in and whenever Dennis and I came home…we slept in the same room I slept in as a little girl.  We walked the same streets and biked the same paths and sat on my parents’ front porch and watched the July 4th fireworks…the same ones I watched when I was little.  My parents’ house is  sold and the address is someone else’s now.  I don’t get to go there for Thanksgiving and Christmas and the Fourth of July.   My brothers and sister and I emptied it out months ago…I walked through every room and sat in the middle of each room and just tried to remember.  Sharing the bathroom and sitting on the floor in my parents’ room watching TV.  Some of our toys were still in the cubbies in the attic along with Christmas decorations and books and our Baptismal clothes and my sister’s wedding dress and mine, too…all stored so lovingly by our mom.  My mom saved all of our college textbooks…every time we came home she asked us if we wanted them…she swore she was going to toss them and yet they were still there.  She once sent me a package of all of my baby things…she wrote on the inside that she wanted me to know how precious they were to her…she had my baby hair in a pouch…
So…I hope they are in heaven eating cake…they just loved cake…chocolate for my mom and some kind of lemon or fruit lined one for my dad…and maybe my dad will take my mom’s hand and they will dance for a few minutes…I think that is what happens in heaven.  I know I have used this photo before…but I love it so much I had to use it again…

9 thoughts on “Are My Mom & Dad Dancing In Heaven?

  1. Ti says:

    You have some great memories. As I was reading this post, I couldn't help but think of that book by Russo, Bridge of Sighs. Did you read that one? If you are the type who appreciates tradition and how things were…you will enjoy it.


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