In The Year 2035…

Ok…so I love my Kindle…and my other love is pre ordering books for my Kindle…such a surprise when they come…and such doubt…I see the book appear and wonder why I ordered it…then I go back and read the synopsis and all is well and good in Pattyland…
My sights were set on ordering this amazing book called “The Silver Kiss” by Annette Curtis Klause.  As I was about to click my 1-click pre order to my Kindle I noticed that it would cost $6.99 and would be delivered to my Kindle in 2035!!! 
How can I wait that long?  Even better…will I still yearn to read this book in September of 2035?  And have you ever tried calling Amazon to try to ask if this might just be a error?  It is truly an amazing journey!!!  Why is it so difficult to admit that you have made a mistake…

9 thoughts on “In The Year 2035…

  1. Patty says:

    Is it just me or is there a lot of fun in pre ordering titles for Kindle…I just preordered the new Kindle3 and a new cover with light…I have to stop this…


  2. Nikki-ann says:

    I'm sure I've seen another book with a pre-order date of 2035.

    I've pre-ordered the new Kindle and can't wait. I've just got to decide what book I'm going to read on it first!


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