Reading slump?

Ok…here is the thing…I am in a reading slump and have been for a few days now ever since I cried over the ending of Stiltsville.  My reading slump has not affected my book purchases…I think I am buying even more…just because I can’t focus on a book to read.  That is always such an important choice…how can I love all of the books that I own and still not be able to settle into one book to read right now?  Weird…isn’t it?  I apparently won an entire Susan Isaacs library…I have reviews due…and I can’t read!!!  This does not often happen to me…I have sort of even started reading three different books and nothing is appealing right now…so…my slump is still there…I have no clue what to do other than just to ride it out…for a little while longer.  I don’t even feel comfortable without a book in my hands…or rather a Kindle fired up and in my hand…

8 thoughts on “Reading slump?

  1. Patty says:

    You are a very good girl…but look at all the books you got in the mail last week…I think I have settled down with Dark Flame by Allyson Noel…I need a distracting kind of book.


  2. Renae says:

    I've been there where I start several books because I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for! This week I have tunnel vision…Mockingjay and next week will be Clockwork Angel. Good luck with your slump. There are so many good ones coming out that it shouldn't last long!


  3. June G says:

    I think reading so many books has affected you psychologically (the therapist in me). You've actually overwhelmed yourself. It's funny you're saying this because it's something I've been thinking about.

    After reading different blogs and the social networking sites, I've realized that a lot of people actually seem addicted to books. The amount of money some people are spending on reading material, borders on the obsessive.

    There are a lot worse things people can be addicted to, but still, we all need balance in our lives. When I hear what some people's reading schedule is, I wonder how they have time to do anything else in their lives beside read.

    I'm a life-long reader who can't even eat without a book or some kind of reading material in front of me and I think I may even be going over the edge…lol…My reading/review commitments are really getting to me…

    Maybe you should take a break and not read any novels at all for a few days…if you dare…


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