This is one itty bitty teeny weeny fraction of the field of sunflowers the farmer who plants in this field across from our street planted!!!  Apparently, this is the first time in years that sunflowers have been planted here.  We live on a quiet street that once was a dairy farm…there are two blocks in our development and they are divided by ponds and lots and lots of common ground.  I was going to lunch with a friend today and there were so many cars and people who had stopped to walk along the sunflowers and paint them and sketch them and photograph them…at one point I saw 1o ladders so people could see them from way up high!!!  My neighbor sees these from her front windows…we have to walk down our driveway to see them…the field is full of bees and butterflies…it is amazing to see…

7 thoughts on “Wow!!!

  1. Ti says:

    What a beautiful view! I love sunflowers. Such, happy, happy flowers but I do not like the bees that go with them. There are so many in this shot that they probably seed themselves for next year.


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