Cheerios For Sunday Supper?

This was my husband’s most anxiously awaited day of September…so far.  He loves football…loves it…did I say he really loves football?  So…I gave him today…I made him steak and eggs for breakfast…homemade pizza for lunch…and stone ground taco chips and 100 layer dip ( just teasing about the 100 layers ) for his half time snack…I read an entire book from start to finish.  We put a small heating pad on the ottoman in the family room so Lucy would stay with us…and we have not moved…literally.  It is now 6:30 and any plans I had for dinner have been discarded and my husband has just asked me if spending today this way was ok…I find this amazingly funny.  So…dinner will be a bowl of cheerios and bananas…and one more football game…OMG!!!
Lucy and I have plans to retreat upstairs for this last game…we think we have had enough football for the official first day of the season.

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