Angels And Devils…Who Knew?

Halo is a book about angels. Specifically the angel Gabriel and his sisters…Ivy and Bethany. They have come to a small seaside town to begin to try to save it from some very dark forces that are threatening to take over all that is righteous and good within the town. A house has been readied for them…clothes are there and the three angels just sort of appear…wings tucked in and as normal as anyone can be. They do have to learn a few things and they do have to hide a few things. They don’t have navels…who knew? They have creases in their backs where their wings must stay tucked and they don’t understand why they get lightheaded at noon…they actually have to learn how to eat!!! Plus they have amazing hair and gorgeous glowing skin and they don’t leave footprints in the sand even in human form.

Gabriel is the head of the household…get it? The Angel Gabriel…he is flawless and perfect in every way and he becomes the new music teacher at the high school. Of course the number of girls who sign up for music grows tremendously due to his beauty. Ivy stays at home but involves herself in tons of volunteer work. Bethany becomes a student at the high school and tries to assimilate into the student body. People in the town have no clue that they are angels other than Father Mel…the local pastor…and the three angels go about their lives quietly changing the town.

Good things happen…people start to care more about the poor and the elderly and the sick…and then Bethany becomes more involved with a classmate, Xavier, than a heavenly body should and this is where stuff starts happening. A new mysterious student comes to town and very bad things happen when he is around and there is prom…and a huge major confrontation…and that is all that I can share…seriously…or you will know more than you should before you read the book.

I found this book to be fascinating. The entire premise of angels…and major ones at that coming to live and work in this lovely seaside town was intriguing. The idea that angels are agents of a higher power was fascinating. Gabriel acted with the blessing of a Covenant and could be powerful yet merciful at the same time.

I know I probably say this too much but the death of my parents makes books like this really appealing to me…angels guiding souls and levels of heaven and happiness in a hereafter world…are what I want and need to believe right now. Apparently there are mixed reviews about this book but I honestly loved it. It was a slow and delicious reading experience for me. It reminded me of spiritual things that I sometimes forget. And I learned that I don’t want my own personal guardian angel to be spread too thin…so I am going to try to be a less demanding person for him…or her.

7 thoughts on “Angels And Devils…Who Knew?

  1. June G says:

    There is definitely mixed reviews on this book and I don't know why some people are so hard on it. I love it. It's a great love story and has an intriguing premise. It's a breath of fresh air. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

    I find it very interesting that you focused on the “big brother” Gabriel. He's not one of the main characters, but certainly a substantial one. I'd like to see where the story takes him and his “teen” stalker…Lol…he seems to have captured your imagination *smile*

    I understand how this ties in with your feelings about your parents. Halo is a lot more spiritual than other YA books with an angel theme.


  2. Patty says:

    Kathy…you would enjoy it…I think and June…I don't know why Gabriel fascinated me…but I loved the book and I am so glad that you did, too…I think there will be a sequel and is it your understanding that the author is very young?


  3. Patty says:

    Meg…I think you will love it once you get to it…thanks for your comment…I love reading your blog. We aren't that far away from each other and I always jot down your Maryland hot spots…thanks so much!!!


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