My Sense Of Style…

Clothes have always been a very dear love of mine.  People have always told me that in whatever state we have lived my style is just a tad different from everyone else’s.  I think that that statement is most probably true.  I tend to like comfy things that you can wear with a bit of trendy jewelry and a scarf and maybe even a hat…I love boots and will collect them and wear them as much as I can.  My things last for a long time…I don’t buy things that will ever be out of style.  I am a bit trendy but not in an obnoxious way.  If I find something I love…I will buy more than one of them.  I love leggings and tights with dresses and tunics…that seems to be my statement style.  This week my love is this top from an online website called Calista.  I have fallen in love with this tunic…called the Jaimie Gingham Tunic.  The fabric is soft and knitted and lovely…the tunics are beautiful and of course…like buying books…you can never buy just one.  The green one and the blue one are now mine.   It is a sickness…but with black leggings or baggy knitted haremy pants…boots and a scarf…one of my go to winter outfits is ready!!!

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