I Am Back…

Hmmm…I feel as though I have been away…not on a vacation…but a self imposed exile on Districts 12 and 13 and the Capitol…not to mention some tunnels and underground rooms and other weird and frightening places that are home to Katniss Everdeen.  There is no point in reviewing these books…they are just so remarkable and thought provoking and I am one of the last people in the world to read them other than my husband who will start them soon.  I feel forever changed from this reading experience.  I said to myself over and over and over…that I did not ever want to read these books and finally when I began reading the first one I could not stop until the last page of Mockingjay was flipped.  Suzanne Collins is a genius.  My admiration for her is endless.  The events were gripping and frightening and amazing and sad.  I loved every minute of reading them and now that I am finished…it is taking me a while to decide which direction my reading should take now…

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