Crisp Cool Days…

  I love this time of year.  I don’t even mind raking leaves.  When we first built this house there were no trees in the yards at all.  We barely scooped up a handful of fall leaves and now we have bags and bags of them. It is time to take down the garden.  I need pumpkins and mums and squashes and dried corn and pumpkin in anything and everything.  Finally the weather is crisp and cool.  I am thinking about roasted vegetables.  I am getting out fall wreaths and quilts and putting away seashells and white slipcovers.  I truly think fall is the most rewarding time of year…that wonderful time right before Thanksgiving when life is all about getting ready for winter.   We put an extra blanket on our bed last night so it is time to replace the light summer quilts with heavier wintery ones.  I am thinking about all of the different soups that can simmer away on the stove all afternoon.  Crisp walks with an actual jacket or sweater on…gloves…a hat…I can’t wait.  This summer was just so hot…we barely could turn off the air conditioner and it was not fun sitting outside or being outside.  Last week it was still so hot we were still running the air conditioner and now…suddenly…it is cool…I love it…so far…

4 thoughts on “Crisp Cool Days…

  1. Shanon says:

    Hey Patty! Just wanted to stop by and check out your site! Really fun! And I am excited for Fall! But I am sure once it starts getting cold, I will be sick of it. 🙂


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