A Perfect Fall Supper…

This was last night’s dinner…it came from one of my favorite cookbooks…I have slow cooked quite a few of these recipes and they are all wonderful…fresh and full of vegetables and really easy to put together.  This chicken dish was just so good…the squash and potatoes and carrots and onion and garlic just worked together to make this moist and just really delightful.  I did not even make the green stuff to go on top…yesterday was a busy day and I was not in the mood to do something extra…and it really didn’t need anything extra.  The only extra thing that I did was to gently cook on top of the stove all of the leftover squash and potatoes and onions and garlic ( I had tons because I was just chopping away without measuring ) in a box of vegetable or chicken stock…I simmered this until all of the veggies were soft  and then just immersed my stick blender into the pot…and smooshed everything into a creamy soup…the color was orange, of course and it was beautiful.  I seasoned it with a bit of sage and thyme and salt and pepper…there was no need to add cream at all…I dabbed a bit of sour cream on the top with the toasted squash seeds that I made earlier…my husband begged for more!!!
This is the cookbook that made this dinner possible…

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Fall Supper…

  1. Ti says:

    This looks so good! I miss chicken! I can't eat it because of food allergies.

    The book looks great though. I need to get a crock pot with a timer because by the time I get home, unless the recipe calls for 12 hrs, it's a mushy mess.


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