Hmmm…Not What I Expected And An Amazing Soup!!!

I am not sure how I feel about this book…let’s just say I thought it would be really really engrossing and I am not sure that it is. 
Enough said…on to other reading materials…
And another day of making soup…today I am going to make a steaming pot of the “world’s best vegetable soup”…according to Mark Bitman…a chef, cookbook author and contributor to the Today Show
Mark said that the secret to this soup came from an Italian woman he met in Italy…and the secret is a simple one…saute all vegetables in small batches in order to get the most fragrant veggies and broth.  It really doesn’t even matter what vegetables you use other than making sure you add carrots and celery and onions…saute them and remove them after each small batch is done…so that is what I am doing.  In addition to those vegetables I am adding spinach and tomato paste and peas and potatoes and lentils and white cannelini beans…mmmm…mmmm…good!!!
That is how soup should be.

One thought on “Hmmm…Not What I Expected And An Amazing Soup!!!

  1. Elisabeth says:

    You're right…that is how soup should look. Hearty, and delish! I see we're sharing the same black kitty. I love your sweet grey kitty…actually, I have a computer photo of my black/white maine coone too. Interesting blog, you have. Like it a lot!…and thanks for following my blog. Followed you back!


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