Grand Harbor Inn…Where? In Maine…Of Course!!!

This was our very special inn…in the heart of the harbor in Camden, Maine.
We loved this small boutique hotel.  There are just eleven lovely rooms/suites in this hotel.  The bathrooms are beautiful…showers…pretty amazing and  also held huge delicious Jacuzzi tubs.  Beds are huge and soft with comfy Egyptian soft sheets.  There were delightfully huge flat screen TVs on the walls and our suite had a double sided fireplace that started with a touch of your fingers and could be programmed to whatever time length you prefer.  One of the really neat parts of the room was a closet that was stocked with a Keurig Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate machine.  In addition to this there was a microwave and a refrigerator.  K-cups are available in the entry downstairs if you happen to  run out in your room.  Cookies and popcorn for the microwave were also available.  Our room had harbor views everywhere.  Add to this an amazingly solicitous staff of people who were helpful and friendly and kind and knowledgeable.
We parked our car steps from the door of the hotel and almost never used it.  We are veteran Maine travelers…we have favorite places and views and restaurants.  We have rented houses and stayed at other inns and once we even rented an apartment at the top of a barn that was connected to a hotel.  However…Grand Harbor Inn is by far one of our most favorite places.  We loved staying right in Camden and our habit at night was to walk to dinner.  We love going to Maine this time of year…everyone else is mostly done with travel and Camden feels like our little secret.  I almost forgot one of the best parts of our stay.  A huge lovely breakfast tray loaded with coffee and freshly baked muffins and the best ever house made granola and yogurt.  Just to not even have to think about breakfast and to be able to curl up on the sofa with hot coffee and a fire and my Kindle…was heaven.   Grand Harbor Inn is one of those very special places…we are right now plotting about how soon we can get back.

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