Just When YouThought I Couldn’t Write Any More About Maine…hee hee hee…

If you are even a fraction Italian…something in your genes craves pasta at least once a week.  My mom always made homemade sauce and spagetti or linguini on Thursday of every week.  My sister  Paula has Pasta Thursday for her friends and family and I tend to do that, too.  For us it is a simple sauce…often meatless on really great pasta.  Sometimes twirly pasta and sometimes spoon up pasta…but always pasta.  When we were in Maine last week we craved pasta and luckily found a restaurant called Paulina’s Way that solved our pasta problem for us.
The food was wonderful.  The sauce recipes are Christina’s  grandmother’s recipes…the above was my husband’s dinner…he had to have a traditional oriecchiette and meatballs…and he loved it and ate every bite.  Christina is the chef/owner of Paulina’s Way.
Our salads were amazing…and everything came directly from Christina’s garden. 
Needless to say…we ate all of our veggies that night.  Christina is a wonderful source of information.  She is writing a cookbook and is involved in organic food trends and education.  She teaches food classes at the restaurant.  Yet one more reason to spend time in Camden.
She wanted us to try a special dessert at the end of dinner.  It is an Italian dessert called sweet ravioli…it takes days to make…it is a bigger than normal ravioli that is stuffed with butternut squash and I think ricotta cheese that is lightly sweetened…and sort of dusted with a bit of chocolate sauce.  After telling us about this dessert, Christina immediately went into the kitchen to make it for us.  I almost forgot…until I saw the picture…she added housemade pumpkin gelato to the sweet ravioli…it was yummy…
Paolino’s Way is just a delightful place to eat.  The inside is just very unique.  It reminded me of the way my Italian grandmother’s kitchen looked.  I loved it so much that we ate there two more times.  Once for Caesar Salad and pizza…the pizza was heavenly.  On our last night there we went back for Christina’s special lasagna…and it was amazing…
The restaurant was steps from our hotel which made it extremely appealing to have multiple dinners there.  The Maine evenings were deliciously cool…the lights on the harbor lovely and the Italian food exquisite.  All pasta cravings were met!!!

Inside pix of Paulina’s Way

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