A Tale Of Three Or More Werewolves…

You could possibly be thinking at this point that there is not much new that could be done with a werewolf story. That thought would be wrong. Nightshade was such an intense story and one where the characters and their traits were fully and capably developed. This book was so engaging. I loved Calla and her role as the alpha wolf of her pack. I love Ren…his dynamic and charismatic place within the pack as the attractive and desirable leader of what will be the new pack with Calla at his side. I loved Shay…the way his character worked his way into the wolf pack at school and the way his persistence led Calla to open her eyes and her heart to what was happening within her pack. What I loved most about this book was the seamless and effortless way that Calla and Ren and the other wolves could shift between human and wolf form…no tearing of clothes or running around half naked here…the change between wolf and human just happened and it happened quickly and easily. I loved the way the author wove the lives of the werewolves at school with the lives of the humans. It was different and very effective. This werewolf tale effectively involved Calla and human Shay in a relationship based on finding out the answers to some really old werewolf traditions. They worked together and the outcome was exciting and quite dangerous.

I loved Nightshade. It was a tremendous tale…and of course left me panting for Book Two…coming soon.

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