Last minute shopping…for me!!!

I found the most amazing shop at Etsy!!!  Dinwiddies is the name of the shop. The owner/designer makes the most wonderfully unique things out of vintage pieces.  I just bought the bracelet above and I think it is the cuff of a vintage dress!!!  I love it and I love the way it hugs my wrist and sort of sticks out of the cuff of a sweater…a neat black sweater or dress…perfection for the holidays by adding just a bit of vintage sparkle.  There are so many one of a kind pieces at this shop.  There are bags and necklaces and even a coat or two.  I have just the right amount of quirkiness to love this stuff.  And I am just squishy at the word vintage. 
Are you finished with your holiday shopping and are you all wrapped up yet? 

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