Monday And Setting the Pace For The Week…

Windows are washed…I have been so busy that I forgot to even blog about it…Saturday was a marathon ” Let’s get Christmas out of the bins and into the house” kind of day.  It is sort of a slow process because things have to be taken off of shelves and hutches and mantels in order to fit all of the Santa’s and Snowmen…we were wiped out by the end of the day but we were done…lights are on, tree is done and this week should just be idle shopping and going out to lunch and seeing movies…and just having fun.  We are going to a holiday show and I want to see the lights in Hershey…we have certain traditions that must be followed…I really don’t bake tons of cookies but I do make really yummy buttery sugar cookies that you have to cut out and bake and sprinkle with crystally sugar flakes…we are staying at home…my husband is exhausted…he needs sleeping in and long leisurely mornings with newspapers and tons of freshly brewed coffee.  We are going to Simon Pearce for Christmas Eve dinner…it is on the Brandywine River and it is beautiful…we will sip martinis and talk about what we will do on Christmas Day…I always buy new pajamas for both of us…a set for Christmas Eve and a set for Christmas Day…yummy flannels and neat long sleeved tees for him and soft stretchy tights and oversized comfy Victoria Secret sleepshirts for me and on Christmas morning we will zip off to Church…a beautiful old one that we love and come home to bagels and lox and creamed cheese and either champagne or Bloody Mary’s…and open presents and be thankful that we have each other and life is good. 

3 thoughts on “Monday And Setting the Pace For The Week…

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Ahh…that's so sweet Patty!…new pajamas, for you, and your hubby, for Christmas Eve, and for Christmas day. What a nice tradition, also with the bagel and lox, and bloody Mary's! Sounds like a “plan” which is really wonderful!


  2. Patty says:

    Kathy…yes it is and there are only two of them in the country…one in Mass or Vermont somewhere and the one here…the glass shop is right next door to the restaurant…too too tempting and on certain days as you walk in downstairs…they are actually glass blowing…it is the neatest place…You can buy seconds in the store that are amazing…and all of the dishes etc in the restaurant are Simon Pearce ones…and Elisabeth…you gotta have those new jammies…hee hee hee…


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