My Bad…Am I A Closet Kindleaholic?

These books were irresistable to me this week.  I just had to have them.
Look at that cover…


This one…is getting amazing reviews and tons of book chatter!!!

 Again…every one of these books had amazing reviews…I was weak.

Swamplandia was featured in the New York Times Sunday Book Review.  It sounds wonderful.  Odd, quirky, savorable.

The only good thing is that I do not have to buy book shelves.  But…I think my Kindle is getting a little bit heavier…sigh.

I do wish I had more will power.

How do you battle your demons when it comes to buying or Kindling books?

10 thoughts on “My Bad…Am I A Closet Kindleaholic?

  1. Patty says:

    Staci, Sheila and Carol…it is far too easy with a Kindle…I can't even bear to put books in my Kindle Wish List…I really do want them now…right now…but thanks for your support…I see support groups popping up all over the country for Kindle and Nookaholics…


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