Fun With Animals…

I love animals…all of them…there are turkey vultures eating bird seed in my back yard by the pond right now and they look cute to me…all 8 of them!!!
I buy peanuts for the squirrels and if my husband eats them I am mad at him.
Last night I saw 4 deer eating from the bird feeders…Everyone out there seems cold and hungry.  I want to feed them.  In A Discovery Of Witches, Tabitha, the cat, loves Matthew, the vampire, and brings him dead mice as a token of her love.  This makes me love this book even more than I already do.

My dad loved animals and could not resist feeding birds and squirrels.  He kept special treats for his squirrels on our front screened in porch and a big fat squirrel would sit and wait for my dad to give him his peanuts.  My dad loved this.  My dad kept Milkbones on his back deck for neighboring dogs and doggie grandchildren.  I think this love for animals gene must be in my blood.  I know it is.  Now that I think of it…even my little Italian mom would throw leftover pasta in with the bird seed.  She always said that it was good for birds in the winter.  My Italian grandma had a cat that would only eat her homemade pasta and sauce.

Actually, when I think about it,  I have fed animals all over the place…my list is long…I have fed giraffes and geese and rhinos and horses and rabbits and even fish.  Yes…we feed the fish in our pond.  I have fed beach squirrels in Monterey and I have fed the ducks by the library in Camden.  On our last trip to Camden we bought loaf after loaf of whole wheat bread ( don’t they need fiber, too? ) for the ducks and the seagulls.  I have fed deer when we lived in St. Louis and wild turkeys and I didn’t mind it when raccoons tipped over our trash cans. 
I blame my dad…but in a good way.
Do you have a weakness when it comes to animals?

My biggest weakness and my biggest joy.

4 thoughts on “Fun With Animals…

  1. Ti says:

    I love animals but my mom was sort of an animal hoarder so I've learned to love the animals I have, but the others I don't pay too much attention to unless they are obviously hurt or starving.

    There was this one time I found a dove that had been shot through the head with a BB gun. I thought it was dead but it was alive and writhing around. Perhaps I should have put it out of its misery but I nursed it back to health and it eventually flew right out my window, completely well but with a hole in her head clear to the other side!


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