It Is Getting Close To The End…Or Is It?

This is really sad…I only have a smidgeon of a bar left on the bottom of my Kindle.  To my fellow Kindleoholics out there…you know what that means.  I am nearing the end of my time with this book. 
I can only say that if you loved reading the Twilight books and all of the   Harry Potter books and Linger and Shiver and even the Hunger Games books…you will love this book.  It is sort of a grown up combination of all of the amazing fantastic aspects of the above books.  It is a masterful telling of an amazingly beautiful story.  I want to be a witch like Diana Bishop.  I really really do.
Someone has to buy the movie rights and make this into a movie that is swoon worthy.
I actually just finished the book.  The ending…I can’t even tell you…it is sad and bittersweet and happy and intriguing all at the same time!!!
It seems to most definitely most likely lead to a next book but I have no idea how the author will manage another one…I have a feeling it will be just as long and equally as powerful.

5 thoughts on “It Is Getting Close To The End…Or Is It?

  1. Ti says:

    Those progress bars are hard to read. Sometimes they include Epilogues and Interviews with the Author in the status bar too, so then all of the sudden the story just ends and you are left with a little smidgen of bar left.

    So glad you enjoyed this one. Everyone has been raving about it.


  2. Missie says:

    Wow! I just won this book and want to start reading it, but it is sooooo huge. But I will because I've been hearing amazing things.

    Sorry it is almost over for you, but there will be more to come. 😀


  3. Nikki-ann says:

    I've heard a lot about this book lately… I'm thinking I might have to get it myself 🙂

    I've had an email from Amazon to say they're upgrading the Kindle software so the ebooks have page numbers. It's always been something that's bugged me a little, so I must remember to turn my wifi on for the upgrade!


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