My Computer Had A Few Hiccups…

My beautiful dependable loveable laptop has had some major issues from last Thursday until just now!!!  I could see the amount of email I had,  I could hear it racing in but I could not read it.  It refused to show up in my mailbox.  I could read Spam, and old mail and deleted mail and any mail but new current real email!!!   And I couldn’t reply to anyone!!!  I was going bananas!!!
I love using AOL…and managed to get tech help and I had to compact my PFC…personal filing cabinet and then back it up and then delete it and then restore it…everything worked except for seeing new mail…so I spent a good part of today uninstalling and reinstalling AOL…and now I can see my email again…however my toolbar is not loaded with my faves any more and I can’t remember some of the faves I want on it…oh well…I can deal with a few hiccups but I don’t want to go through this again any time soon…
I had no clue how dependent I am on my laptop…but I am…and another maddening thing.  I couldn’t see my email in AOL but I could see it and read it in Internet Explorer.  Different operating systems but still weird to me.
So far…we are all fixed!!!
Any hiccups in your life lately?

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