I Don’t Trust My BFF!!! ( My Laptop )

I am not pleasing anyone today.  The best conversation I have had so far was with a Dell Sales Technician.  I had to buy new computers today for my husband and for me.  Ours are no longer trustworthy.  I am backing everything up and still I don’t trust my laptop any more…sad sad day.  It won’t start unless I scream at it…it is doing very bad things…it is on its last days.  My husband is second guessing my decision over a processer?  Even Lucy Grace is not happy with me.  I am in a horrible mood and I am never in a horrible mood.  Never…ever…except for today.  I think I need a very dry martini…yum!!!
When I was teaching I would always read Alexander and the Horrible No Good Very Bad Day to my students.  And we would laugh and feel better.  I even read it to myself…I am not laughing,  I still don’t feel better.  I still want a martini…very dry. 
You can tell me if you are having a good day…I can deal with it…so…
what kind of day are you having?

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