Deliciously Delightfully Dangerous…

Orphans…what is it about feisty orphans with a quest? And there are three of them…siblings…Michael, Kate and Emma…and they are smart, brave and adventurous!!!

I loved this book…I could not bear to put it down. It was fun and thrilling and evoked much anticipation and excitement for me…the reader.

Kate, Michael and Emma have been removed from their parents for unknown reasons early on in the story. Kate, the eldest, is the only one who even remembers her mother and the promise she made to her mother. That promise was that she would always take care of her brother and sister. Kate takes her responsibility seriously as the siblings are shuffled from orphanage to orphanage and finally deemed “unadoptable”.

Their last placement is where all of the action really begins to develop. Things begin to happen to Kate that seem to have no explanation. She and her siblings are able to go back and forth in time. Creatures are after them because they all hold a power over a series of books. They have many friends helping them and watching over them as they encounter evil after evil after evil. Michael is obsessed with dwarves and dwarves are definitely in this story, Emma is sort of a doer and not a thinker…and Kate just feels responsible for everyone. There is a Mr. Pym, a wizard of the highest order, who looks out for them and appears in the past as well as in the future. Gabriel is a mighty giant of a man who will fight to the death to restore goodness in this world and who becomes a fierce protector of Emma. Captain Robbie, who later becomes King Robbie, is also a fierce warrior and protector and much to the delight of Michael…a real live dwarf.

This book is full of characters that you adore and that you hate. There are Screechers…who seem to be the worst of all things evil until you encounter other creatures that are even worse!!!

This would make a wonderful family read out loud book. It is thrilling and exciting. I found the pace to be fast. I was never bored. I read this book much too fast because I needed to know what happened almost before it happened…my bad.

I am almost certain this book is the first of a trilogy…hurray!!!

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