Rainy Daze…

After a nearly 80 degree Monday…when we almost turned on the air conditioner…we have had nothing but chilly rain and gloom for the past two days.  I am cuddled up and reading…Lucy Grace has the right idea, too.  She is snuggled in one of her favorite places…my bed…my side…my soft blanket!!!
She looks as though she is having lovely sweet dreams!!!
I spent the morning lingering…yes…totally lazy and lingering in bed…with coffee… to finish Enclave…which was thought provoking and frightening and really really exceptionally good. 
I just happened to see a review of this book yesterday…I cannot even remember where…but…this morning my Kindle’s Amazon Daily mentioned it again…with a brief thoughtful review by John Irving.  Something compelled me to buy it. 
I just finished the first chapter and I already love it.  It is about a new teacher and his students.  Each chapter is told from a student’s perspective.
It is one of those books that just drew me in.  Sort of perfect for a chilly rainy day when you have no obligations.
I almost need to make chili or soup today!!!
What book are you engrossed in today?

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