School Days…A Quick Review…

This was a lovely book.  It is thoughtful.  It is a book that you will keep in your heart for a long time.
It is the story of some fifth grade students and their first year teacher, Mr. Terupt.  Mr. Terupt is kind, gentle, inspirational and one of those teachers that you will never forget.  His students have issues.  Peter, the prankster,  Luke, the intellect, and Lexie the bully and bad girl.  Jessica is the new girl and Danielle is the big girl and Jeffrey doesn’t say much of anything at all.  Anna has been told by her mother to not let kids tell her what to do so she stays away from almost everyone.  That is until Mr. Terupt designs his classroom with amazing math quests and holiday projects and adopts a class of students with learning disabilities. 
Wonderful things happen in Mr. Terupt’s classroom until the day the not so wonderful thing happens.  And that becomes the most amazing teaching lesson of all.
I cannot tell you how much I loved this book.  I am a teacher and I loved that the book was so real. 
It is one of those must read books for everyone.

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