And The Beat Goes On…

Hmm…yesterday it was the weeds…today it was nervous energy.  My husband…my lovely nonneurotic husband…declared today a day of rest…no yardwork at all…we would play with our new laptops, eat dinner early, relax while watching Amazing Race and whatever part of Celebrity Apprentice he could stay up for.  While discussing this on the deck…apparently in a not relaxed mode…a number of things were racing through his head.  Rain during the week meant he really should cut the grass again even though he just cut it yesterday but it should be cut shorter.  The veggie gardens were a mess…he actually left the tomato stakes up all winter…he could barely look at it yesterday while mowing.  It made him nervous.  And don’t forget the huge mulch pile that was delivered on Friday…yikes!!!  Lucy and I just calmly listened to him…a feat in itself!!!  We said nothing.  We sipped our tea and read our book.  We breathed in and out.  We meditated.  I prayed for lots of rain to keep us inside for a short while.
I think I am saintly. 
What Sunday relaxation are you taking part in today?
I think I need to get her sunglasses!!!

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