Wow…Yikes…Amazing…Yummy Books…

I can’t even list them…they are popping up everywhere!!!  On the front steps and on the bench by the garage and in the mailbox!!!  It is an epidemic of books,  a torrent,  a flood and a whirlwind of reading material. 
I love it.
I am reading all of them.
The bottom two boxes are IPAD2 covers…one pink…one black…IPADS arrive soon.
Kindled books are here this week too…I will list them later…and I even had some books gifted!!!
I am ever so thankful to every publisher out there who has found me!!!
I will never catch up…but it does not bother me…I am one reader reading and loving one book at a time!!!
What are you happily reading this week?

7 thoughts on “Wow…Yikes…Amazing…Yummy Books…

  1. Trish says:

    That will keep you busy for a while 😉

    This week I was in the mood for something old, so I pulled Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White off my TBR shelf – and I am thoroughly enjoying it!


  2. Ti says:

    I will never tire of the packages received. Never.

    I am reading Ordinary Thunderstorms which started off very slow and then BAM took off! I am also reading The Wikkeling. Very strange book.


  3. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks for the bid Patty, on my chocolate chip biscotti. Did not realize at first that was you who bid…LOL

    …right now, I'm reading Summer at the Villa Rosa…not a recent book, it's from 2007. Story takes place in Naples, Italy.


  4. Meg says:

    Holy cow, what a haul! Hope you enjoy all your reads and your new iPad2. I've seen 22 Britannia Road popping up here and there and think it sounds awesome!


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