It’s Raining But I Am Sundancing!!!

I love Robert Redford’s Sundance Catalog!!! 

This online catalog is the home of delightful artisan made jewelry.  You can also find clothes and shoes and bags and home goods.  The furniture is so beautiful that you might cry looking at it.  The jewelry is also different and often hand made by the most amazing designers.  Recently I inadvertently allowed a $50.00 gift from Sundance expire…and to my delight…when I asked…they reissued it.  This is a gift from Sundance to us for being such great consumers…is this good or not?  Hmmm…

I get most of my husband’s Christmas gifts from Sundance…he loves the long sleeved tees and really unique sweaters.  I love the shoes and bags especially…here are a few of my favorites.

My renewed fifty dollar coupon is literally burning a hole through my wallet…I need these shoes…this bag…this bracelet!!!

Do you have a favorite much loved shopping place where you can find treasures that are unique and different?

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