Pretty And Pink And Oh So Addictive!!!

Oh…I am so in love with my IPAD 2…I spent most of yesterday getting to know her.  She does the most incredible things!!!  And…to my delight…just when I thought I knew everything that she could toss my way…she came up with new tricks.  I love technology, games, apps, and I love reading on my IPAD 2…syncing…syncing is one of my favorite new things to do!!!
Did you know that even something as dull as an email is in color and almost alive on an IPAD 2?  It is amazing.  I will never have a huge mass of email to look through every day because I can clear it from my IPAD 2.
My IPAD 2 and I did all of this yesterday…
  • researched apps
  • downloaded Netflix, USA Today, Scrabble, Angry Birds, Kindle and Goodreads and played with all of them…especially Angry Birds
  • Cleared email
  • played with the camera and video stuff on it
  • got frustrated because I don’t know how to go backwards in mail…this needs a tech call
  • found a cool squirrel video and watched it with Lucy 12 times
  • played a Hidden Object game
  • read Divergent…I love reading on my IPAD 2
  • ordered a screen cover and a sleeve…the fingerprints are making me crazy
  • bought a cat game for Lucy called Painting For Cats…I found this on Modern Cat’s blog 
She will chase a mouse and make a painting!!!
Waiting for the screen cover before we do that!!!   
Were you as productive as I was yesterday?
Today I went to lunch for three hours. 
I think I have Spring Fever!!!

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