My Cat Almost Blew Off Of The Deck…

Lucy was on the deck today…safe and snug in her kitty tent.  I normally tie it to the chaise lounge that it rests on…kind of like the princess and the pea…she is on a chaise lounge with a chaise pillow on top of that and then the kitty tent and finally…Lucy.
Dennis told me it was not necessary to tie her to anything.  He said she would never fall or that the tent could not blow away.  So I listened to him. 
I might add that it was just a teeny bit windy today.
Today when I went out to sit with her…she and the tent and the chaise and the pillow were in a heap on the deck floor.  Lucy was frantically trying to dig her way out of this mess.  She looked as though she was pantomiming swimming.
She did not look happy.
I think she is limping.
She is mad at Dennis.
I am mad at Dennis.
I think that Tonkinese cats are quite capable of holding grudges.  She stormed away from a treat.  She keeps looking at me.  I tried to tell her it wasn’t even my fault.
We will see how the evening progresses.
Happy Start Of The Weekend!!!

5 thoughts on “My Cat Almost Blew Off Of The Deck…

  1. June G says:

    Ha ha ha…lol…ROFL…Sorry Lucy. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you are SUCH a princess, I guess this was natures way of cutting you down to size, but I AM SORRY. You're still a darling girl!

    Watch those tornadoes. They've been awful this year. Don't you watch the news, a smart kitty like you? Lol…Your mother was probably pre-ordering a book when you blew away and “hit” the deck–literally! Ha! Hee hee hee…I still love you Lucy Grace…I do…


  2. Elisabeth says:

    Patty-Just now, I noticed your post on my blogroll, I thought first, you're describing one of your books. Oh, my!!! poor Lucy, I'm so sorry for the awkward accident.
    I hope shes' going to be all right. Kitties are so resilient, but I hope she didn't sprain her paw, or got internal injuries. Keep us posted!


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