OMG…I Want An Aprium!!!

This is the time of year when I begin to crave the deliciousness of summer fruits that are grown close to home.
But I think I will have to look very hard and very far to find an Aprium Orchard.
I am sure you have seen Melissa’s Produce at your grocery store.  I can find this brand at Trader Joe’s.  Some of my favorite Melissa’s produce are beets and lentils and certain kinds of beans that are organic and precooked!!!
You can also get exotic fruits and veg from Melissa’s— which is online.  Here is a link to apriums.  
Almost forgot to mention that they are part apricot and part plum.  I have never tasted them but I would try them.  That is why it takes me so long to shop for groceries.  I am forever hugging the experimental aisle…
Anyone up for a peanut butter and aprium jam sandwich?

One thought on “OMG…I Want An Aprium!!!

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Unfortunately we don't have Trader Joe's in S. Florida…in answer to your question re: using butter in the Oatmeal Coconut recipe, it's best to use half and half. Half butter, and half shortening, or half margarin and half butter. Using all butter will flatten the cookies, and make it too soft.

    BTW Patty-You missed the award on the list that I passed on to you. Congratulations…well deserved!


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