We Have The Sunday Lazies…

The weather is undecisive here today.  Yesterday it was chilly and today we expected rain all day long and it has been alternating between sun and clouds so the minute we want to go out it gets cloudy.
I just had a keratin treatment for my hair.  These are yummy and divine and if you tend to have hair that might be a bit wavy or fuzzy from humidity…keratin is such a wonderful thing.  My hair will dry the way I want it to without using tons of heat and a flat iron.  It will not get those fuzzy wisps.  I spend less time on it and love the way it looks but…
I am rambling.
The only weird thing about getting keratin is that you cannot get your head wet.  You can’t put a shower cap on because that might get humidity on your hair.
You can not put a clip in it or a ponytail for at least three days.
You have to take a bath while your husband holds up your hair.
I know.
But my mom always told me that to be beautiful you must suffer.
The most I can aim for is cute.

I follow my stylist’s instructions.  My hair has made me crazy since Thursday. But after this curing process…I will love it. I am like a clay pot right now…curing.
This is the third time I have done this treatment.  The more you do it the first year the more it builds up in your hair.
You will have the hair of your youth.
If that is what you want.
Right now…I have long kinda dirty hair.
Not a good look for me.
Do you live by any beauty tricks your mom taught you?
My mom also swore by Noxema.
This is not my hair but it is almost mine and this is the difference.

2 thoughts on “We Have The Sunday Lazies…

  1. June G says:

    For a minute, I thought you meant the Brazilian hair straightening treatment. I was reading how unsafe it can be because of the formaldehyde fumes it releases. I just used a intense protein conditioner today because it's supposed to be rainy this week. You're right, keratin/protein really does help with the frizz factor–even the ones you do yourself–like me!


  2. Ti says:

    I've never done keratin but I've done cellophanes with the same effect and I don't recall having to do anything special to it right afterward.

    My hair is that wispy, prone to frizzy hair that these treatments were developed for. Most of the time it's smooth, but after a walk or a humid day it's a mess. I embrace it 🙂


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