It’s Pasta Thursday!!!

Pasta Thursday started with my mom.  When I was little we always had pasta on Thursday.  When we came home from school on Thursday’s she had a huge pot of red sauce and meatballs on the stove.  We would always have amazing Italian bread to dip into the sauce for our after school Thursday snack and probably a yummy meatball…or two!!!
So…whenever I crave pasta it will have to wait for a Thursday.  My sister Paula has turned it into an event for her family and friends.  She still lives in the town where we grew up and Pasta Thursday’s are a tradition with her.  Last week she was making pasta from scratch on my mom’s pasta machine.  My sister is an amazing cook and this would be a small feat for her to pull off.  I have a pasta machine, too, but I have never taken it out of the box.
I will.
We are having almost homemade pasta for dinner tonight.
Rao’s sauce…which is delicious.
Diced pancetta, onion and garlic sauted in a pan.
Big curly pasta that you have to eat with a spoon.
Garlic bread.
Lots of Peccorino Romano cheese…freshly grated.
A yummy salad.
My version of a laid back Pasta Thursday.
What are you having for dinner tonight?

One thought on “It’s Pasta Thursday!!!

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Patty-I still have the same pasta machine from at least 30yrs ago. The last time I used it was a year ago. Now that you are mentioning it, I do want to take it out of the box and make some homemade pasta.
    Great post!
    Rao sauce, in my opinion is the best jarred sauce you can buy…next best thing to homemade. Your pasta dish sounds fabulous:DDD


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