Kirkus Book Reviews At BEA!!!

The Kirkus Reviews Newsletter.  
 I love it…and just like Shelfari it is full of tons of bookish info. I have always needed to know what books are coming out and when.  I found out in a sort of roundabout way that Kirkus has an online magazine that you can download that profiles and highlights and gives summaries of all of the books that are being noticed a lot this year at BEA.
I am waiting for a book called Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey. His book was noticed and reviewed by Kirkus in their BEA review newsletter.  He provided a link to the 70 page pdf.file of all of the books that were reviewed by Kirkus.
They are divided into genres.  There is a short summary of each book.  It was beautiful to see.  Of course I printed it.  I had to have it.
I love when things come together in a tidy neat package.  Here is the link to Kirkus…just in case you want the BEA book review package, too.

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