While I Was At The Porches I Read…

Our little jaunt to Massachusetts last week provided me with lots of time to read…I am more of a day time reader than a night time reader and I love reading in the car.  For some reason…after dinner…each night…we were vibrantly awake but the minute our heads hit our pillows we were comatose…I chalk it up to lots of fresh air and lots of walking…even Lucy was a good sleeper while we were away.  My husband and I woke up each morning asking each other what happened to whatever we were watching on television and neither of us knew…
We were only away from Wednesday until Saturday…but each night involved a lovely dinner at our favorite restaurants and a well deserved vodka martini and maybe one glass of wine with dinner…dinner was always local and fresh…often fish and lots of yummy early veggies…and at Mezze…our most favorite place…we even finished with strong pressed delicious coffee…and we still could not keep our eyes open…we are not getting older…we just appreciate sleeping!!! 

Anyway…whilst away…I read…all reviews are on goodreads, Amazon and NetGalley.

Ellen Morgenstern…The Night Circus…yummy!!!
Marcus Sedgewick…White Crow…interesting!!!
Sara Grant…Dark Parties…dystopian at its best!!!
Amanda Hocking…Hollowland…zombies really do freak me out!!!

Unfortunately…I bought a few new irresistable Kindle books…that I could not live without…
Meg Cabot…Overbite
Emma Michaels…The Thirteenth Chime
Julia Platt Leonard…Cold Case
Megan Abbott…The End Of Everything

I received a beautiful copy of
Felix J. Palma…A Map Of Time
and a lovely copy of
Ellen Hopkins…Triangles

These were both from ShelfAwareness…I love ShelfAwareness!!!

And the sweetest thing…this book was gifted to me by
Two Brothers Metz
Gypsy Knights

I am running as fast as I can and will read and review everything soon!!!

4 thoughts on “While I Was At The Porches I Read…

  1. Kay says:

    Me too. Jealous about reading in the car. I have to take Dramamine if I'm not driving. Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time. Enjoyed your summary. Best kind of vacation – reading, eating, sleeping, walking…what more could you ask?


  2. June G says:

    Ooh. I got Night Circus and A Map in Time too! Can't wait to read Overbite. I really enjoyed book one, Insatiable. It was the first book I've read from Meg Cabot. I have Triangles too. Was surprised to learn it was written in verse. Not sure if I like that or not…we'll see…


  3. Meg says:

    It's been so long since I've touched anything by Meg Cabot, though she was once my favorite author! I haven't picked up her newer series yet and really need to soon.


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