Woodstock? Lost On Me…

On our way back from Massachusetts…while I had my head in my Kindle…my husband apparently mentioned to me that I could fulfill a lifelong goal of his if we ventured a bit off of our route and went to Woodstock.  I apparently nodded in agreement.
My husband says I did so enthusiastically.  I do not remember being enthusiastic.
What seemed like hours and hours of windy bathroomless country roads later…we pulled into this sort of huge grassy area.
I guess I was a little whiny.
who knew a grown man could cry over the Who…being there…years ago…I was clueless and speechless.  And Janis and Jimmi and Crosby, Stills and Nash and Young…and Grace Slick?   All of the above reverant names to my music loving husband.  He literally was once again speechless…as  I was once again clueless…
My music involvement basically revolves around sound tracks…Dirty Dancing and Twilight and A Night At The Museum…music my husband openly scoffs.
The above is a photo of Lucy and Patty at the head of the Woodstock bird.  I have to say I thought the Woodstock birdie was the one on Charlie Brown.  Lucy was not that happy and my hair is pulled back into a ponytail because the wind was really blowing on both of us.
We were supposed to have a lovely picnic there…this involved my husband wolfing down his sandwich to take more photos…and taking Lucy off to touch almost every plaque at Woodstock.  I just barely stopped my husband from driving into the famous farmhouse. 
I saw an entire scary side of him I never knew existed.
Apparently it is thrilling to see the pond where naked stoned music lovers had mud fights.
And a magical bus painted in all of the colors of the rainbow.
This is a much better photo of the Woodstock birdie.
While munching on my chips and organic tuna sandwich…I watched my husband take photos and movies of everything in sight.  I could almost see what he was thinking.
I could sense that he wanted to have been there.
I can’t say that I even remember Woodstock or noticed that it was going on.
My husband is in shock at this statement.
Is there a moment in your history that changed you forever?

3 thoughts on “Woodstock? Lost On Me…

  1. Ti says:

    I don't know why but this post gave me a huge case of the giggles. Your husband, wandering around with a camera, recording the moment, was funny enough. But when you mentioned the part about Lucy touching every plaque, I just about lost it.

    It IS a historic place. All sorts of debauchery took place there. I'm surprised he didn't instruct you to burn some sage or incense while there.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Woodstock and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is 15 mins from my house. I don't see the big draw to the Woodstock rock any more than you do. I did chuckle at your husbands reaction as I have a cousin who did the same thing…pictures, tears the whole thing. I always have family from PA asking to go there, so I go and just wait for them to do their thing. Did you have a chance to go to the Museum? That was interesting, but having been born and raised in the area it's still not a big deal for me. I think it's the same thing for my husband and I going to Lancaster county PA and being excited..if you live there it's really no big thing. Glad your husband had fun.



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