Wouldn’t It Be Easier To Move…

Day One…Bathroom redo…
Imagine this…cool white tiles but some random black ones thrown in for a checkerboard pattern at the top and at the bottom.
A rainshower shower head.
Lots of room…we made our shower bigger…and took out the seat…not because we wanted to but because it collapsed…
sort of.
A moment with green tea organic soap from The Fresh Market.
Skin that is cleansed and smoothed and clean in my own shower…
Not the one down the hall.
Reality bites…
Day One…Bathroom redo…
Three men…very nice men and one young man…going up and down the hardwood stairs at least five hundred times with bucket after bucket of old icky tiles…
Drilling and hammering and drilling and hammering.
Me tense…my first redo…jumping up to see what anyone needed about a million times…
Lucy…staring up at the ceiling and ducking…all day long…
The amazing thing is that our contractor is a neat freak…he came, he saw and he conquered our bathroom.
No one needed me…I offered fruit, juice, water, sodas…no one wanted anything.
I offered the kitchen table for their lunch…they ate outside…
I think I was an actual pain in the neck to them.
Finally I got the hint and sat in the family room and read and watched tv.
I will be better tomorrow.
They left the house spotless.
I will be spending the next week and more with my new friends.
Should I try chocolate chip cookies?

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