Not A Reading Slump…Just Lots Of Distractions!!!

It is not a slump…I am just tired and busy and I can’t keep my eyes open!!!
I can’t say anymore that I am reading as fast as I can…I love to read and I can read two or sometimes even three books a week.  I read a ton of books in the Berkshires when we away on our mini vacay before our real vacay…
But I just unKindled one book and Kindled up another and although it is good I find my eyes swimming across the pages and I am rereading stuff over and over again.
There are constant footsteps up and down the stairs…I either have to lock Lucy in the study and listen to her scream her head off or watch her watch the workers…last night she stepped into what used to be the shower and tried to slip under the new opening in the tub…so that involved figuring out how to shut our bathroom door so that it would stay closed…
Unfortunately we never noticed that this door did not lock so we tied a scarf to the doorknob and then tied that to a dresser and prayed she did not have magical powers and hidden strengths…
I am constantly moving…and I need a nap!!!
I love naps!!!
I can’t even leave the house…my husband has to pick up stuff each night…I know I should have planned better and shopped on Sunday but I had no idea this would be so involved…must be why I love fantasy!!!
But here are the books that I am not reading this week but hope to be reading someday soon!!!
Thank you to the amazing people in the publishing book world who sent them to me…I think that The Rafters came from the author…and it sounds sooooo good!!!  And the amazing Shelf Awareness…I love Shelf Awareness!!!
  Described as a modern fairytale…romantic and heart stopping…
A messenger, a calling, and a hungry underworld…my reading cup of tea…
Going home to sort out your parents’ belongings…and much much more…
And it would not be a good week without a few Kindled preorders coming in…
Love this author…hopefully this will be on of her best ones…
Sounds like a great story
Poignant, mindful…important.
Well…those are my books…if only I could read them…

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