Say Hello To All Of My New Friends…

I have lots of new friends this week…

Mike The Contractor
Tom The Plumber
Stephen The Helper
Al The Tile Guy
Dennis The Inquiring Husband

I cannot resist asking them questions and chatting and offering cookies and drinks…but they have gallons of Gatorade hidden in their trucks and need not one thing from me.  But I am my mother’s daughter and so I ask…and ask…and ask…but today I think I actually asked less.

And here is a puzzling phenom…I am doing none of the labor and I am still exhausted.  Why is that?   I feel as though I have to get up early to be ready for them.  Sometimes they are here at eight and for a girl like me who loves lingering in bed reading in the morning…my head and my body feel shocked…almost as though I am teaching again.

And…in the midst of all of the ordered chaos…I actually finished reading Meg Cabot’s Insatiable…which I could not get into and then could not put down.  I should read Overbite right now but I kind of want to save it.  Maybe for when they tear out the kitchen floor.  I am making a folder labeled…
Books To Read While Chaos Surrounds Me.

I loved this book because it was fast paced, clever, witty, charming and hilarious.
Quick summary…Meena can tell when people are going to die…and she tries to direct their lives into a direction that enables them to live.  She is a television writer with a dog and a jobless live in brother.  She has a great apartment and a not so great career. 
This was the normal part of the book.  Then all of a sudden there are murders in NYC which appear to be vampire related and then vampires and vampire slayers began to appear out of the woodwork.  It was so clever and funny.  Meena, of course, falls in love with the king of all vampires and he becomes totally smitten with her.  Then she meets a gay vampire slayer who apparently is not really gay because he is smitten with Meena.  And then her brother wants to be a vampire slayer and then there is a nun who is a vampire slayer and a huge ferocious fire breathing dragon!!!

This is where I have to slow myself down.

It was a fun delicious delightful vampire tale…I will be reading Overbite…the next book in this series… very soon.

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