Tomato News…

As of today…Aug. 21st…every tomato in my house and or yard has a home.
Most of them are in the freezer.
I have learned that it is fun to cut little slits in their bottoms.
Then put them into a bowl.
Cover them with boiling water.
wait for their little skins to just sort of pop off.
It is very soothing.
Then I squish them and cook them on top of the stove for a bit.
They sort of simmer gently for awhile.
The squishing part is my favorite thing to do right now.
I just squeeze them as I put them in the pot.
Very stress relieving.
Because my husband is the one who is totally responsible for this bounty…
he does the next part.
He uses the stick blender and smooshes them out until they are a smooth sauce.
He adds fresh leaves of basil from our garden…yet one more out of control crop he is responsible for.
He then ladles the “sauce” into baggies and takes them to the basement refrigerator to freeze for pasta sauces this coming winter.
Unless we forget that they are down there and continue to buy cans of sauce the way we normally do.
Happy Sunday!!!

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