There Is A Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On…

This is what I discovered yesterday.
When you live on the East Coast in a place where earthquakes are almost an impossibility…
you can still have one.
When you are in an earthquake…never follow your cat.  We were relaxing with a book upstairs in my bedroom.  I heard a rumble.  I thought it was the washer because it has a tendency to shake and be off balance.  But it was really loud and the entire house was shaking.  Then I thought Lucy was playing under the bed and I then wondered how such a small cat could make such a loud noise under our bed.  Then I saw her on the night stand.
Her ears were pinned back.  Her eyes were ridiculously wide open. We sort of looked at each other in slow motion.  
She ran. I ran. She led me to the basement. I actually thought it was a good idea. 
I think I was thinking tornado.
Cupboard doors opened.  Bowls came off of open shelves.
And then it was quiet.
I can not even begin to imagine how awful it must be when an earthquake is ten or twenty times worse than the baby one we had.
Now we have to survive the hurricane and gale force winds this Sunday.
LucyGrace is in a time out for sending us to the basement yesterday!!!
If you have not met Brenda Youngerman…she is profiling me on her blog!!!  She is a lovely blogger and an esteemed author.  I think she has a heart of gold!!!

6 thoughts on “There Is A Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On…

  1. Ti says:

    In the Northridge quake, we actually lost our home. Our cat went catatonic after bolting, so he could not hear our cries for him. We had to leave him for a little while because of a horrible gas leak. I hated that moment because I kept thinking everything would burn and we'd lose him, but we could not find him and the roof had collapsed as did the doorway.

    In situations like that, you think help will be around the corner, but with a pancaked apt building just around the corner, and several people dead, no one would assist us with our little old cat problem. So after hours and hours and the gas finally being shut off…I (illegally) entered the red tagged property to find him. He was covered with debris, passed out but breathing. It took hours for him to come to.

    Cats act in weird ways even before a quake. Good info for next time.

    Glad you all made out ok.


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