What A Fun Book!!!

Book Summary…from Goodreads…

Bonnie Pinkwater is a teacher, a good one. She cares about her students. So when Peyton Newlin, a thirteen-year-old math genius, disappears, Bonnie starts nosing around. One by one, students who were competing with the young g
enius start turning up dead and Bonnie suspects Peyton may be narrowing the field. Then Peyton himself turns up murdered. Bonnie’s investigation ratchets up.What she discovers is a coven of witches, a teenage comic book magnate, a skinhead Neanderthal with violent propensities, an abusive father, an amorous science teacher, and a mistranslated medieval mathematics manuscript. Somehow, all the pieces have intersected at the tragically brief life of her math protégé. As the body count mounts, Bonnie realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Because whoever is eliminating her beloved students, has now decided East Plains, Colorado would be better off without one aging math teacher.
My thoughts…
This was a delightful and totally fun mystery series. I absolutely love it when the main character has a fierce and aggressive yet lovable personality with a penchant for putting herself
in places and situations where she does not belong!!!

Bonnie Pinkwater…main amateur sleuth and sharp tongued math teacher…is just such a person. In this first book of this series Bonnie’s
math students are being killed!!!   One by one…
Bonnie digs in to determine who is responsible. She is clever, sarcastic and fun!!! I loved this character.
She has quirky pets and a new man friend and annoys most people she comes in contact with…particularly former student police detectives and mothers of students who practice witchcraft.

Readers who love Lillian Jackson Braun books or the Goldie Bear books or the Alan Bradley series starring Flavia de Luce will love this series.

It was fun, really intense and very clever!!!
I loved it…I plan on reading the next two books in this series as soon as I can.  Is it the teacher in me that made me love this book so much?   I continue to ask myself that but I think that Bonnie will be appealing to lots of readers.  This book was a refreshing one!!!

It was a perfect post earthquake pre hurricane escape!!!

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