First An Earthquake And Now…Hurricane Irene?

I am not very happy right now…
I don’t understand weather.
My husband is freaking out.
He is sputtering and muttering words like gutters, generator, evacuation, fill the bathtub with water, put furniture under the deck, get the lawn mowed…get the lawn mowed?
check roof…his big concern is the roof!!!
Every year we are going to buy a generator.
We still have not purchased a generator.
I am quite certain that this is not going to be a good week end.
Does one jar of Italian tuna in olive oil, a half of a jar of peanut butter and some crackers count as hurricane supplies?  I think Lucy has claimed the tuna…
We are reduced to watching the news and looking out the window…and knowing how miserable we will be when we lose power.  And we will lose power.
Most certainly.
We lose power when there is a slight wind.
Irene is a big wind.  And water is attached to Irene.
Lots of water.
More water than we need.
And there are no inns, country inns, motels, hotels or B & B’s with any rooms within miles of us. 
There are also no batteries, lanterns, bags of ice, or basic supplies any where!!!
That…in a nutshell…is how this week end is going down.
What fun things are you doing this week end?

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