Heavenly Cinnamon Scent…

I seem to be on a cinnamon kick this week…not sure why.
This was featured on a blog called browneyedbaker and she found it on a foodie blog called Joy The Baker and now I follow both of those foodie blogs…
recipes on them are amazing.
What was so neat and fun about this bread was the way it was made…sort of rolled out flat like a pizza and smeared with butter and cinnamon and sugar and then cut into six strips.
Then the strips are stacked on top of each other and cut into six sets of squares…
kind of like cinnamon doughy cards…
Then you put the cards, cut side up, into a loaf pan.
Kind of like making a quilt only tastier.
Lucy only stepped in the dough once.
Well maybe twice.
I am not a dough maker so I searched the internet to find a sweet dough that I could make in my food processor.  I found one that really worked.  The dough is soft and smooth and rises and you almost never have to touch it.  I just googled ” how to make dough in the food processor ” and tons of recipes came up.
I have been making a pizza dough in my food processor that is really great so I knew I could find a sweet dough version.  Not really too sweet just that it has an egg and a bit of sugar in the dough…and milk.
The bread sort of just pulls apart and is incredibly moist and cinnamon filled.
Perfect for breakfast.
Perfect for a snack.
Perfection filled with cinnamon sugar.
Doesn’t it look like an accordian?

5 thoughts on “Heavenly Cinnamon Scent…

  1. June G says:

    Umm…that looks so good and yummy and beautiful…until you said “butter”. Yuck. I hate butter. Can it be made without the butter?

    What?! You haven't read Fury until now. I'm shocked. I read that weeks ago. Probably at the beginning of the summer. You're slowing up Miss Patty…Not!


  2. Ti says:

    Kinda looks like pull-apart bread. Mmmmm. I had a gluten-free cupcake from Bristol Farms this weekend. Thank goodness or this picture would have sent me over the top.


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